Although real leather is warmer than faux leather, I am more content with wearing faux leather than faux fur. I wear leather for style more than anything else. However, it’s important to not get fooled into purchasing faux leather at a ridiculous price.

Obviously, some faux leather is made better than others but at the end of the day, faux leather is faux leather. I’m not saying purchasing the cheapest faux leather is better than buying the most expensive faux leather but you should make a smart decision.

If you’re purchasing a leather jacket for those cold winter months, then you might as well invest in a real leather jacket instead of purchasing the most expensive faux leather jacket. You’re wasting money by investing in a faux leather jacket that looks real but won’t keep you warm.

If you’re purchasing a leather jacket for going out or to wear indoors, then a decently priced faux leather jacket is the best choice. You don’t need much warmth because style is what you’re going for. As long as you can afford it, you should always avoid the cheapest faux leather (unless you plan on wearing this piece once) because it will peel over a short period of time.

STYLE TIP: Look at the material label before making a purchase and compare the price of a faux leather item with an equivalent real leather item to determine if the faux leather piece is valued at a reasonable price.

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