When I was passionate about fashion, I always thought every look I put together had to match. I would have a different color to offset but it would most likely be white or black if I was wearing a bright color. If I wore a green blouse then I would look to wear green shoes, green jewelry and a green purse because in my mind, those were the rules of fashion. Nowadays, I realize how ridiculous that can be. There are days when I match but usually not to this extreme.

If you are familiar with color blocking, then you may already choose specific colors that you believe coordinate well with each other such as navy blue and pink or turquoise and coral because of the way your eye perceives them when they are placed close to each other.

Many of us don’t feel confident mixing our colors, which I believe is because we don’t know if we should and are highly concerned about what other people will say about out look. Yet mixing your colors this way will bring more confidence and joy in your life, trust me!

The truth is, everything about your look should be in harmony with each other but they do not have to match as far as color, texture or material if you are TRULY living in style. If you are confident in yourself, you can wear anything you want to wear and people will perceive that it is, just as you do.

Colors have meanings and it is wiser to choose the colors you wear together based on the goals you have for yourself as this helps you achieve them. To learn more, get our “Use Color To Your Advantage” learning module here.

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