imperfections are beautiful 1


Sometimes women can be so hard on themselves when it comes to their appearance but it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful. We find the need to wear a ton of makeup, lose a certain number of pounds, get implants, the list goes on. The truth is, we are beautiful by being imperfect. It’s what makes us unique and what makes us who we are. Do we consider them imperfections because we believe that or is it because someone told us they were?


One of the things I’ve struggled with for a long time was the excessive hair I possess on my body. I was teased for years throughout middle school as I had hairy arms and legs. When I was finally allowed to shave I would also do my arms but I probably would’ve never considered doing that if I wasn’t constantly teased about it. As I am much older now, I’ve found some people still don’t like it, while some people do but I don’t care because it’s a part of me and what makes me different. 


I’ve learned that hair is a reflection of beauty, health and strength and the look I’ve shown above is a reflection of that. I’ve embraced my hairy arms in this powerful look. This BCBG Max Azria dress reflects health with the navy blue addition (blue represents health) and its flowing effect. Just like the dress, I am flowing in the sense that I am stress-free, which is healthy. The BCBG belt and Bebe earrings show strength as they are bold. Women of strength are confident and you have to be strong to be confident. Yes, I’m wearing makeup but it’s to highlight my features not to create a mask for myself. Wearing makeup in this way is accenting my physical beauty and is the final accessory to this gorgeous look.

So whatever imperfections you have, learn about them and find out how they reflect you. Discover the beauty that comes along with it. We were all meticulously created from a higher power so his or her vision did not result in a mistake. What we may not like about ourselves is usually because it’s different from most people, not because there’s something wrong with it. These things correlate with our inner beauty and once we learn what that beauty is, we can connect the two and will learn to appreciate them. Other people will see the beauty within you from your imperfections as well, not that this should be the reason we learn our beauty. When you learn your beauty, you’ll love yourself more and discover how you’re beautiful.