Women love to “shop ’til you drop” because its therapy in a way. Most of us get excited about finding new pieces that we fall in love with, which is a great thing. However, we shouldn’t throw money away on things that we’ll never wear or are simply a bad investment. We need to educate ourselves on how to be a smart shopper
No matter how rich a person is, they still should be smart with their money. A rich person who doesn’t understand the importance of saving will become broke very quickly. It also shows how intelligent a shopper is when they spend more than the value of an item. Think of the image you’re putting out there. If you spend $500 on a faux leather jacket simply because you have the income and it looks cute, what else will you spend your money on? How else can you be fooled? If that’s the image you want to put out there, then by all means do so. 

However, if you want to present yourself as a woman of intelligence, I suggest purchasing what makes you feel beautiful and confident and what adds value to your life. Investing in quality is also smart but I’ve learned that we gain personal value when we shop so sometimes it’s worth paying over the physical value if it makes you feel better. Maybe you purchase a dress that is overpriced because it reminds you of the great moments you spent with someone. In this case, you haven’t spent overvalue because you re-live those happy moments each time you wear this dress. You will create a positive day for yourself from the moment you get dressed.

While it’s smart to shop for pleasure, it’s not smart when what you purchase doesn’t make sense. We’ve all purchased something that we ended up regretting at some point. One of the most common is purchasing something that’s not our size. No matter how much you like an item, don’t purchase it if you can’t fit it unless you plan on altering it or re-inventing it’s original look. Wearing a pair of shoes that are too big or too small can damage your feet and wearing clothes that are too big or too small makes you look ridiculous.

Another thing is purchasing something that seems like it was made to look at instead of wear. When would you ever wear a pair of sheer pants to work? I’m guessing just about never. Also, if it has care instructions that are too specific, you’ll probably wear that piece once or twice that whole year because you’ll never have the time or the skill to clean it properly. Hand wash and dry clean are one thing but how can you hand wash an item without ringing it out while laying it flat to dry? There will be water drenching on the floor and the item will mess up whatever table you place it on.

Enjoy your shopping pleasure but be smart about how you do it. How fun can shopping be if you regret what you purchase later? One of the things that’s helped me a lot is only purchasing the pieces I truly love. To learn what you truly love, you must either let the item sit in the store for a few weeks and see if you still want it or ask yourself why you shouldn’t buy it. If you come up with more yeses than no’s, then you were meant to have it. No one has money to throw away so we should step back from our excitement to think about our purchases to ensure we don’t max out our credit cards and are really appreciating the items we purchase.