When you refine your style, it’s about you becoming the better version of yourself and as a result, your wardrobe selection changes. I discuss all the time how style is about who you are and presenting your inner beauty to the world but how can you define your style when go through different stages of your life? As you grow and mature in life, so does your style. You’re likely to have the same sense of style but your definition of your personal style will start to evolve.

This is not an abrupt change, it’s a slow process. The best way to do this is to periodically go through your wardrobe and ask yourself, does this reflect me in any kind of way? Do I feel comfortable wearing this? Am I excited to wear this? If the answer is no to any of those questions it’s time to let those pieces go. 

You’ll learn that when you shop for the “new” you, you’ll naturally gravitate towards the pieces that define you. Some people will shop for pieces that reflect their old wardrobe because their mindset hasn’t changed.

I know it can be hard to let go of pieces in your closet so the best way to let go of something is to replace it. If a dress no longer screams your name, go shop for a dress that does. You’ll be happy because this gives you an excuse to go shopping and you’ll forget all about that item you thought you couldn’t live without. 
You may have an edgy sense of style but what you wear at 25 and 40 will not necessarily be the same. However, it all depends on your mindset at these ages. Usually, someone at age 40 has gained life-changing experiences that has given them a new perspective and mindset on life. So they will dress to reflect this change. 
We should constantly refine our style because we should constantly make changes in our lives. Rarely will we make a drastic style change but overtime you will begin to see the difference. Remember, style is about who you are and who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow.