Fashion art can be the same as wearable art but on the extreme side of fashion art, they can be completely different things.
Many times when we go shopping we’ll find the most beautiful things but we can never imagine when we’ll wear these pieces or it’s nearly impossible to wear them.
I think any piece a designer creates that is breath-taking and makes you fall in love with it, is a work of art. These pieces don’t have to be high-end or couture but in most cases they are. They are intricately designed with the highest quality of fabrics and details. You have a higher level of confidence and a positive outlook on life each time you wear them.

As much as I enjoy the art designers create, not every piece can be worn or it’s nearly impossible to truly include these items in your wardrobe. You’ll usually find fashion art on the runway and is more exclusively sold, while wearable art is often sold to a larger clientele. 

Take this Arturo Ross Axis mask, for example. This is a work of art that you can wear but I would define it as fashion art. Few people will wear this because it is difficult to see through this mask and most people never wear a mask unless they’re going to a masquerade ball. This is for someone who wants to make a big statement and who has more of an eccentric style. Someone who wears this is telling the world that she’s hiding something and wants to view the world from a different perspective.

These handcrafted Stacy heels by Maria Lorenzo are wearable art. Although they are exotic with all their intricate details, many people will choose to wear them because they are practical enough to wear. As long as you’re not someone who dresses monochromatic (one color) everyday, you’ll find new and exciting ways to wear them. Most people will make it the focus of their look by wearing an all black or all white dress. Others will select a color from the shoe to make it blend well with the rest of their look. It’s all about what route defines you best and makes you feel most confident.

I appreciate fashion and wearable art for mostly the same reasons. I discover the beauty in the high-quality fabrics, the creative work the designers invested and the confidence the pieces inspire each time you wear a piece. The art of design gives you the inspiration to show the world the secrets of your inner beauty. So whenever you invest in a piece, you’ve received so much more than something new to hang in your closet.