A woman who is in tuned with her style wears the clothes, she doesn’t let them wear her. This is because she effectively brings to life her beauty and confidence as a result of what she wears. 
To live in style is to wear the pieces that you are connected with and you can always do this when you are true to yourself. It doesn’t have to be something that was passed down to you from your mother, either. It can be something new that you purchased that reminds you of the great times you’ve had with your boyfriend (hence, boyfriend jeans).

It’s not always about what looks good on you or what you like. It’s about who you are and what image you want the world to see. Never try to be someone you are not because that will always show. You won’t feel confident in your look and when you don’t feel confident, you don’t feel beautiful.

If you are unsure of your style and why you wear what you wear, then a great place to start is to discover the pieces that bring positive feelings to your heart. Maybe it’s the color of the item, the design or even just the feel of the fabric.

I got super excited when I saw a certain feminine crop top. It reminded me of the sweet woman I am. It was a peplum top, which is very feminine and the fabric was soft just like a female’s personality. So I may fall into the feminine chic category because of my personality and since I enjoy being a feminine woman. However, once you become in tuned with your style, you’ll learn that you can create a look in any category that represents you.

I’ll often have to cater my look to how I am feeling and for what I want to accomplish. For example, the Jessica Simpson dress I have is bohemian and the BCBG jacket is classic with a bit of edge for my look. However, this look reflects me because the dress is form fitting just as a feminine chic woman would wear. In addition, the jacket reflects a classic feminine woman. Its design and color choice of black are elements that achieve this style. The image I am displaying is casual sophistication. So if I am going to a work picnic, I am presenting who I am on a personal level, while dressing for the occasion and maintaining my professional image.

The pieces that you really love will grow with you as you have created beautiful memories with them. They are the garments that you never want to give away because they reflect you. No matter what someone tells you, they are never going out of style because YOU are always in style.