If it’s one thing I’ve learned when starting a blog or a business, it’s that progression is your best motivation. It’s the natural and most effective way of getting excited to continue working. It’s also the best sign that you’re on the right path to growth.
I originally started Lady Stylistique to get noticed as a fashion stylist and it was only within the last few months that I realized how much I really enjoy doing this. During these few months, I found the importance of quality instead of quantity and I believe my perspective on style has become influential and unique.

I am comparing my first post to one of my more recent posts of the same dress in this picture (above) as an example of how far I’ve come. I originally had 3 different blogs within this website, which included fashion, health & beauty andpoetry. I later realized that it wasn’t the smartest idea to post poetry for free or post other poets’ pieces. I figured that since I don’t love makeup and I’m not the healthiest person, it didn’t make sense to have these other blogs. 

After months of trial and error, I finally decided what I truly wanted to write about. There are things that women go through that I believe are not fair when compared to men. I also noticed that many people don’t really know what style is. So I decided that my blog’s purpose is to enrich women on style, inner beauty and confidence. Many of my posts are topics that I either discussed with other people in the past or I’ve wanted to discuss with someone, which is why I love blogging. 

My advice to anyone who is considering being a blogger is to only do it if you actually love doing it. If you wouldn’t do it knowing you’d make absolutely nothing in return, then don’t do it. It took me a few months to realize I love blogging, My issue was that I didn’t know what I loved writing about because my focus was on styling, not blogging. So my other tip is to spend time figuring out what you love to write about, which will probably be whatever it is you talk about with your friends or something appropriate that you wish you could talk more about.

In everything you do in life, progression is the best motivation. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up completely if you’re not seeing any progress, It is simply a sign that you’re going in the right direction, so it makes you want to work even harder to get there faster. Yet, it’s important to enjoy the journey so even when there’s no progression, you love what you’re doing. If I never become the blogger I want to be, I am happy in knowing that I’ve found something I truly love to do.