In most cases, anytime you want to do something, it is best utilize the power of now as you never know when your circumstances will change and how they will change, especially if doing it can change your life for the better. 
If it’s one thing I learned in 2014, it’s that you can never have enough money so if I want something to get done and money is the only issue, it’s best to find a way around that. Now I don’t mean spend money that you don’t have frivolously, I mean spend it wisely and treat yourself every now and then because not only do you deserve it but it’s what will keep you motivated to accomplish what you desire.

You may not be able to afford to lose money but you can always afford happiness. So if being happy is what you really want, money won’t get in your way. I had a lot going on in 2014 so it was important for me take a trip to get away to get my mind back on track. 

I deserved it and although it didn’t help my financial situation, it was a wise decision for me because I was able to get my mind back in the game as a result. Now, I don’t buy lavish cars, shop everyday or simply blow my money as soon as you get it, but I know that I need to take a break sometimes and reward myself for all of my hard work because sometimes no one else will.

The other major point of doing things now is that you have goals for yourself that you want to accomplish so don’t allow yourself to come up with excuses as to why something didn’t get accomplished. Hold yourself accountable for accomplishing them by giving yourself deadlines and figure out everything you need to do in order for your goals to get accomplished in that timeframe. Otherwise, you’ll spend life dreaming of the life you wished you had because you never pursued it.

If there’s something you aspire to accomplish instead of telling yourself why you can’t do it now, ask yourself what is the first step I need to take? It’s much easier to get something done when you break it down into small simple steps because when you look at your overall goal it can sometimes be overwhelming to think that you CAN do it. But when you break it down into steps it’s easy to get started and by giving yourself deadlines to accomplish that goal, before you know it, you will have accomplished exactly what you wanted within the time that you wanted to get it done.

So whether it’s to start your own business, get a new job, start a family or move to another state, the time to do it is now or at least get started working out that plan now because at the end of the day, tomorrow is never promised so all you truly have is NOW.