Can you afford the products you sell? I find it interesting that in a sales-oriented country, many companies don’t pay their employees enough for them to purchase the products or services they attempt to get other people to buy on a daily basis. If the companies have the expectation that the sales person will convince someone else to purchase something from their company, why wouldn’t they invest more in their employees so the employee can speak with true integrity to ensure a sale is made?
If you’re a sales person who wants your clients to trust you, a highly important factor is your knowledge and endorsement of the product and if you can’t afford to purchase from your own company, how can you honestly make that happen with 100% integrity? 

Obviously you as an employee deserve discounts for these products and services but for you to have true integrity with selling, you have to be a customer as well. In most cases, you can afford the products and services with the discount that is offered (even that can be difficult sometimes) but you probably wouldn’t think about purchasing the product without a discount as it seems to be beyond your means at this point or you simply don’t see the value. However, your days at work are spent attempting to convince other people to purchase this product or service at full price.

This situation is hurting the company and you in many ways.. You may be envious of your clients as they have more money than you and can afford to buy the products and services that you see everyday but can’t own. However, your job is to convince them to buy the things you want but can’t have and you’re supposed to be happy about doing so as this is how you make money.

This hurts the company because the clients that have the most money want to give their money to the honest sales person that has the knowledge and can effectively endorse the product or service as this person is a customer of their own company. If most people are not this ideal sales person, the company may lose the business of these clients. Not to mention, some sales people will try to trick their clients simply because they can’t relate to someone who makes a lot more money than them or because they’re jealous of their client.

While it may be difficult to persuade your company to increase your income substantially, there are several ways to exude more integrity at work, that will lead to increased income. For example, you may not be able to buy the watch your company sells right now but you can convince your boss that if you exceed your sales goal by a certain percent, he or she should buy it for you or give you a deeper discount on it.

Although most companies view their customer as most important, their employees should be their main concern because it’s you, the employee who determines if customers will buy.