Women are very strong and powerful creatures and when we work together, we are unstoppable. Breast cancer is a very serious and prominent condition, which is why there is a whole month dedicated to help the healing of this disease. It is estimated that about 40,290 women will die this year from breast cancer. alone. However, by sharing information and supporting our fellow women with this condition, we will conquer the battle of breast cancer.
I am not a breast cancer survivor nor am I someone who has the condition but I am a woman who has chronic female autoimmune conditions and I believe there is a natural way to cure any disease. I am currently conquering my “incurable” and “no cause” conditions naturally.

So I cannot tell you that any advice in this post actually cures breast cancer, but I believe that knowledge is power so because I have researched and found information that explains how to cure a woman with breast cancer in a natural way, I know it is my duty to share it, especially if it will save a woman’s life. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I have watched her suffer with this condition so it is important to me that I see other women survive just as she has.

So here is my list of natural ways of curing breast cancer:

I’m sure there are more ways to naturally cure breast cancer but these should be sufficient if you are battling this disease right now and can help you if you want to prevent this condition. I know it may seem silly to believe that squeezing your breasts or using a baking soda and maple syrup protocol will cure breast cancer but consider the fact that all your life you’ve been told to take pharmaceuticals whenever you had an illness. So it is simply unheard of to do something different when you are ill.

​More importantly, consider all the side effects of taking the traditional route of “treating” breast cancer with chemotherapy and radiation and continuing your belief that there is no cure. Not mention, the thousands of dollars you pay in hospital bills, leaving you in a financial burden. Isn’t it worth trying not only a cure but a natural solution to this deadly and life-altering disease?

At the end of the day, it is your life and only you can determine the value of it but if I knew there was even a possibility that I could heal myself of a chronic condition, I would take action just as I’m doing now because I have nothing to lose in that regard except being wrong. So what’s more important, your life or being right?