Women can be so self-conscious about their bodies and will often use shapewear to feel more confident about what they are wearing but it is actually hurting their confidence because in doing so, they have the mindset that they are not beautiful the way they are..
It’s obviously normal for women to feel like they need to flatten their stomach or change something about their bodies but that doesn’t mean that we should. Instead of using shape wear to remind ourselves that we should change some things, we should embrace who we are and if we truly don’t feel confident with who we are then we should change our mindset.

It all starts with you. Don’t compare yourself to others because most of the time the person you’re jealous of or wish you could trade bodies with is unhappy with certain areas of her own body. As long as you are a healthy woman; meaning you aren’t starving yourself and you aren’t eating fast food everyday, then there’s likely no reason to feel like you need to change your body shape.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we are all beautiful in our own way. You must realize that your imperfections are beautiful and you don’t need to hide your natural silhouette just because society tells you to.