I used to have a misconception on what it really meant to dress for yourself. When I was in high school, I always looked like I was going somewhere important and although I was really into fashion, I think I dressed more for others than myself as people were always looking at me to see what I had on and I felt I needed to fulfill every time. On the other hand, I used think that we only dress for ourselves when the clothes we wear in front of other people are the same clothes we wear when no one else is around.
However, after diving deeper into the meaning of style, I realized that just because I feel encouraged to dress up when others pay close attention to me and I don’t wear the same things when I’m around other people as I would if no one else is around, doesn’t mean I’m not dressing for myself.

Dressing for yourself means getting dressed for a purpose that benefits you. So you may wear sweats and tees when you’re lounging around in the house because you desire to be most comfortable and are in the mood to be lazy. You may also wear a suit to work because you want your boss to know that you take your job seriously and you want your clients to know that you are serious about them. 

Now just because many people get dressed with these end results, it doesn’t mean they dress for themselves. You must have the right mindset in getting dressed for a purpose to benefit yourself to say that you are truly dressing for yourself. Many employees wouldn’t wear a suit to work if they had a choice because they’re reasoning behind wearing one is because it’s in their company’s dress code. They may be unaware of the impact in wearing a suit or they understand the purpose but it is not their purpose because they actually hate their job so they don’t care about maintaining rapport with clients and they don’t take their job seriously.

I hope you will choose to dress for yourself because that’s the only person you should dress for. To get dressed for anybody else is a waste of a wardrobe. Ironically, it may sound a little selfish to only dress for yourself but with the right mindset, dressing for yourself benefits others as well. When you dress for yourself, you maintain integrity with others around you and it’s the integrity you possess for yourself and others that helps you become a self-less person.