Sometimes we fall into a rut when dating. Whether you’re in a relationship that you’ve been in for 5 months or 2 years it happens to us all at some point. Sometimes permanently and some for just a little while but we all fall into the rut of being too comfortable.
It takes work and effort to keep a relationship fun and alive. You have to mix it up and do different things so it doesn’t get stale. Speaking from experience – I’ve been in relationships that we did a lot of different things and it kept it fun & exciting and I’ve been in others where it was the same freaking thing every single weekend. That is the absolute worst. Even if you’re married you should NEVER stop dating.

I wanted to put together a post of fun things to do. Please feel free to comment below on suggestions and ideas you have!

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding – If you like being active and outdoors..this is probably one of the best things to do for fun, exercise, sun and adventure. A few years ago on July 4th me and my boyfriend at the time went paddle boarding near our house and ended up linking up and hanging out with some people on a sandbar which was tons of fun. Accidental exercise for sure.

Museums – depending on the area you live there are most likely some museums in the area. I went to the Dali Museum with Whiskey once. One of the exhibits was the worst and we didn’t understand the pieces AT ALL but it was fun and we got to be silly and talk about how crazy the artist was.. it was very dark art.

Sailing/boating – Rent a boat. Nothing fancy.. and I understand living in Florida we are by the water and it’s easy to do but maybe there are lakes near you. Boating is always a good idea. Sunshine & beer? Yes! (safely & responsibly of course…)

Walk around downtown – St Pete has such a great downtown to walk around. There are tons of fun shops on Central Ave. Hit the local coffee shops, boutiques etc.. it will certainly shed light into someone’s personality… they hate shopping? You’ll know 😉

Bike rides – This is probably one of my favorite things to do, EVER. Even if you don’t own a bike you can rent a bike in tons of cities now. It is so fun! One of my favorite things to do is ride on Saturday morning and get coffee some where local. It’s the best. When I was dating Erik we used to do this every Saturday morning.

Breweries – Breweries seem to be getting more popular these days. This can be really fun on a Saturday. I was dating a guy once and we walked to all of the breweries in St Pete one day. It was a lot of fun and the breweries are awesome here! At St Pete Brewing Company – they have tons of beer games you can play. Green Bench is my favorite. Tampa has great ones too!

Winery Tour – These are a given, haha. One of my favorite things in life – wine. It’s something different to do while learning about wine, how they make it, and tasting it (obviously).

Antiquing – This was another one of my favorite things. Erik and I used to also do this every weekend at local shops and flea markets. We would find some really great things for cheap! Some items we would come home and re-finish them and it gave us something else to do.

Concerts –  I feel like concerts are always fun. Probably not the best first date idea since you can’t talk much but it’s a fun way to break up the traditional dinner date routine.

Brunch – Pick a random place neither of you have ever been. Sit at the bar, talk to the bartender and people around you. Whiskey and I used to do this and it was a blast. We got to try new food and we would end up talking to people and having great conversation all around.

There are a ton of other fun things to do (obviously) but all of these are things I’ve done in the past that made dating more fun than just meeting up for brunch and then drinking all day with your friends. You gotta keep it mixed and fun.

happy dating!


Wendy Petty