We are constantly changing and as a result our style changes. A lot of people think when they are refining their style they need to completely transform but that’s not necessarily the way it works. If you’re someone who wants to accomplish a major goal and your style is far from reflecting that, then yes a style transformation is necessary. 
However, most people should make subtle changes to their style as time passes as you make subtle changes to who you are. You don’t see a major change in who you are until you compare yourself years from now, so your style should change in the same way because your style is all about who you are.

So what do I mean by subtle changes? I know for years I would only wear makeup when I go out but on a day to day basis, the closest thing to make up I would ever wear is lip gloss.. I still don’t wear a full face of makeup but as I’ve gradually changed, I now wear lip stick almost everyday and will more often wear powder and sometimes eye shadow. This is partially due to changing jobs but it also has to do with me getting older and feeling sexier and more confidentwhen I wear a bold shade of lipstick. I wasn’t always as confident as I am now but my current style reflects this new part of me.

Your style refinement should come naturally to you. You shouldn’t just wake up one day and say, “I should start wearing 5 inch heels everyday.” Whenever you are refining your style, it should correlate with a personal change within yourself. I remember feeling a burst of confidence when I was a sophomore in high school because I grabbed people’s attention wherever I went. This was abnormal to me at the time because the year before, nobody really payed any attention to me. 

One day I wore a pair of heels to school and people gave me so many compliments and I liked that feeling so I then gradually started wearing heels just about everyday. This was a subtle change that overtime seemed to be drastic as I wasn’t wearing heels everyday the year before.

Ideally, you should never feel like you have to completely change your wardrobe as you should be consistently replacing items that you never wear with items you desire to wear and overtime you will see how you have refined your style to always reflect the better you.