Will he ever ask you out on a date?
But really.. what’s with guys trying to make us wait for decades?
This seems to be more common these days. Don’t they know we aren’t going to wait forever? In talking to a couple of my girlfriends lately who are dealing with the same struggle.

One in particular, she has been talking to a guy she met online. They’ve been talking & texting for over a month now. Maybe even 2 and he still hasn’t asked her out.

I know, right? Crazy.

Just a message and a friendly reminder to guys: when a girl puts herself out there and tells you she’s into you OR even if she is acting interested chances are, she is. And you better act on it. Because it’s a matter of time before she meets someone else who will appreciate her and her efforts. Girls do not chase guys.

We have all been here. We’ve liked a guy and shown our interest and he didn’t reciprocate the efforts so we moved on. Sometimes we are forced to and sometimes we just realize we dodged a bullet by him being an idiot. Either way, we move on.

Are guys scared now? Or are they like girls now and just like the attention? Do they want attention from girls to just text them? It’s so strange. Are there any more men left that are a mans-man? I could name a couple of guys who like to play games but just like to text and get the attention but don’t want to actually commit to even hanging out.

I personally think guys have a lot more options than girls. Well, at my age anyway. The older you get the harder it is for a girl to find a good man than a man to find a good girl. (I can feel some guys rolling their eyes at this statement.) But it’s true. In your early 20’s its ok to casually date and it’s expected. Whether guy or girl, you date to see what you want.

When a girl is in her late 20’s or early 30’s, chances are she is looking to settle down. A guy of the same age isn’t necessarily looking to settle down. They still want to sew their wild oats. God forbid them settle down and commit to one girl. Gosh, that just seems so terrible.

Gag me.

For my girlfriend, she is looking for a good guy. If they’re texting and talking pretty much daily – he should ask her out, right? Like… am I crazy for thinking he should?

Obviously it’s an odd situation. We were talking on Saturday about it and one of our other friends was saying maybe he is dating someone else and he doesn’t want to cut her out but he wants to see where the other relationship goes? Regardless my advice to her was let him go. If he takes the time to text her, like her Instagram photos but still wont ask her out? BYE. Life is too short to wait on people to act right. We literally couldn’t think of a valid reason for him to do this. Why would a guy waste his or her time?

Bottom line, if you like someone and want to take them out, do it. Because if you don’t, someone else will.

Ladies! How long would you wait to be asked out? 

Wendy Petty