There’s 3 Things In Life Every Girl Needs;

1. Love to make her weak. 2. Alcohol to make her strong & 3. Best friends when both things make her hit the floor.

There are few things better than a bottle of wine, girlfriends and slumber parties. Yes, no matter how old you get these things should always happen. I really cherish my girlfriends. Something I try to never do is put a guy over my girls. Ever. Chances are the guys won’t always be there, your girls will.

There’s always different kinds of girlfriends you need in your squad. Obviously…

The mellow friend: She’s always down to go out but she’s also always the mama of the group. The one who carries trash bags in her car in case you, as the passenger, take too many shots.

The loud crazy friend: The one who is loudest and proudest in the bar. No matter if it’s packed or 2 people in there, the volume level is the same. No filter on that mouth. Ever.

The real friend: She tells you what you NEED to hear. Not what you WANT to hear.

The family friend: She’s part of yours, you’re part of hers. Mama 1, mama 2 both claim you as their own. And punish you the same when you get caught for sneaking the car out of the driveway to go to Wendy’s at 1am. #chickennugs

The wild friend: The one who makes you do stuff that the next morning you question a) did it happen and b) swear you’re never doing it again. Everything from a classic double at McDonalds at 3am or those fireball shots. Never again. (until next time……)

The Best Friend: You know more about each other than you know about yourself. You have known this person for basically your entire life. You’re basically common law married.

The fashionista: You literally want to punch her for looking flawless every day, every hour, every inch of her outfit. B… you also send her 19 photos of your outfits before going out because as much as you think you are put together.. she needs to approve. She is also the friend who looks perfect without trying. You spend 2 hours getting ready and show up with her with you looking like you just rolled out of bed. Again, B…

The workaholic: Her career is always first. Even when you want to just go out to a casual dinner chances are she’s “working late again”. But that’s okay because you can call her for career advice. #nextVP

The instant bestie: In reality,  you’ve known this person the shortest but feel like you’ve known the longest. Secrets were easy to spill. Life was easy to talk about. And this person became a best friend just with the blink of an eye. #whenyaknowyaknow

Gusbands: Gay husbands. They tell you like it is. They tell you when you look fat. They kiss your cheeks when you leave or arrive. And there is NEVER any competition.

The single-with-no-responsibilities-friend: This person is down for anything last minute. No matter what it is, they’re in. Text on Sunday at 11:04 Brunch? She texts back at 11:10 Yes! Want to go on a trip? She’s there. Want to go to the beach last minute? She’s on the way to your house. She doesn’t have a boyfriend or any other obligations.

Wendy Petty