Being jealous comes naturally but how you react to your jealousy is your choice.. I know when I graduated from college without a single ideal job offer and no boyfriend that would soon be my husband, not only was I upset that my goals weren’t achieved, I was also highly jealous of my friends and people around me who were.. But overtime, I realized that my focus on not having what I want was the very thing that made me jealous and angry.
Whenever you focus on something, you’re telling your mind that you want to attract more of it. So it is important to focus on what you appreciate and what you desire to have instead of focusing on what you don’t want. So instead of complaining in your mind about how your best friend is getting married and you aren’t happy for her because you aren’t getting married yourself, focus on how her getting married is what you want for her and that you desire the same for yourself.

You also have to realize that what you speak about, you bring about. This is true whether you’re talking to yourself or talking to someone else. So if you’re jealous that someone has more money than you and you focus on tearing that person down by saying things like, “I’m glad I don’t have that much money because I don’t want people to steal from me” or “I’d rather be happy than rich,” you’re telling yourself that you don’t desire money and therefore, you won’t have more money. So instead of tearing the other person down, you essentially are hurting yourself.

When you realize that acting and focusing on your jealousy is a sure way to hurt your opportunity to live the better life you deserve, you will never allow your jealousy to ruin your relationships with other people and you will begin to live a better life. This is definitely easier said that done but if you are focused on achieving this goal, you will eventually accomplish this behavior and life will be more enjoyable.