Many people consider a super woman as a woman who is effective at multi-tasking. She takes care of her kids, cooks dinner, goes to work and that is usually the gist of a superwoman. There’s nothing wrong with this but it may insinuate that a normal woman is incapable of achieving this or that women in general are incapable of doing anything that takes hard work and dedication so any woman that is capable, is often labeled as a super woman.
Women have been labeled as weak, unintelligent and incapable for centuries so although many women call themselves a superwoman for doing a few things that not every woman may do, women need to recognize how strong they truly are and realize that they are a super woman for reasons beyond multi-tasking.

In my opinion, defining a superwoman as a high level multi-tasker is simply inaccurate for the fact that a woman should go to work, cook and take care of her kids. It is simply a part of her responsibility as a mother. That is not to say that a man shouldn’t do the same. My definition of a superwoman is a woman who has an innate, uncanny ability to succeed over adversity.; also known as T.D. Jakes’ definition of being blessed. So I believe a superwoman is a truly blessed woman.

​Women who have persevered through tough times and as a result have become not only a better woman because of it, but they are also living a happier and highly successful life. These women realize that fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real. They do not allow circumstances to stop them from achieving their goals in life and they only get stronger when overcoming challenges.

​Women are strong because there are many risks we take in relationships that can make us give up on what we want to achieve in life. Many women are raped, single mothers, victims of domestic violence, victims of sexism in the workplace, etc and these circumstances can change our lives for better or worse, which is why the women who not only overcome those challenges but become a better woman and still achieve their goals are truly the definition of the SUPER-woman.