I will NEVER not admit to being a Christian or loving Jesus. Lord knows I’m not perfect and I stumble and fail daily but I believe. the man I end up with will also believe. We will raise kids to believe. I will always ask this question, and you can take a poll of every guys I’ve dated, I literally ask “Do you love Jesus?” pretty much right away. Again, I do this because there is no point in me getting to know a man who doesn’t see it being important like I do.
But at the same time, if we can grow together to get closer that’s fine also. I’ve dated guys who believed in God but it wasn’t something they invested in before because they didn’t know how.
I know I will lose blog followers because of posting it but I don’t care.
I know now more than ever that God is testing but He is testing me..

I can feel it and eventually the right man will come along.

Politics and Religion have a certain place in my life. Leave them out of work. Leave them out of friendship but I will not leave them out of my dating life. Ok, maybe politics.. but not religion.

​-Wendy Petty