Dressing professionally in the summertime can be challenging because when it’s scorching hot outside, we want to wear as less as possible, not a 3 piece suit. However, we must be selective in our choice of dress because some things just aren’t excusable because it’s 100 degrees outside. This is especially true when you are spending 8 hours of your day in an air conditioned building.
Beyond the summertime suit, there are many other ways to dress professionally in the summertime. Dresses are appropriate but not just any dress depending on your job title and company dress code. If it is a traditional work environment, you will want something similar to a fit and flare midi dress that has the same polyester suit appearance.. Going to work in a sundress can be professional with a blazer but depending on your profession, you may be borderline casual.

Wearing a suit skirt with a professional blouse will work. I know wearing stockings is a challenge these days but if necessary, it is more freeing than wearing pants. If you hate wearing stockings and bare legs isn’t acceptable, a nice pair of slacks with a professional short-sleeved blouse will always be a safe choice.

Hopefully you work with a company that is relaxed on the dress code and dressing professional in the hot weather is a breeze but if not, following these examples I’ve given you should keep you cool and professional at the same time.