When purchasing items that you intend to wear often or for a long period of time, it is important that you purchase these items at the highest level of quality you can afford, not to shop the brand name. 
Many people think of well known designer brands when choosing to purchase high quality items. Although many higher priced fashion designers back up their pricing with the quality of their pieces, this is not always the case.

Some brands are higher priced because they know consumers are buying their brand and quality is not as important to these consumers. A lot of these brands will have some items that are priced for quality and other items are overpricedfor quality. In these circumstances, it is the shopper’s job to figure out if they are purchasing an item for its quality or for its name.

Although shopping for a brand’s name can boost your confidence, it is not wise to purchase something from a high end brand if the quality is not there. You are better off paying less for a brand that upholds the same level of quality in their products unless you intend to brand yourself with the brand.

Branding yourself with fashion brands is a technique that helps you achieve your life goals. To learn more about branding yourself with fashion brands and being a smart shopper, check out our “Branding Yourself With Fashion Brands” learning module..