Many times we are ready to dress for spring and even after it arrives, it still feels like winter. The sun is shining and deceiving because it appears to be 65 degrees outside when it’s really 40 degrees. We want to wear sunglasses to block the sun while wearing our winter coat even though it seems odd. (I often do this in the winter as well) So what do you do?
With spring holidays, we often feel most appropriate to wear our “spring clothes” even though it is ​still really cold outside so some of us force it, while others dress strictly for the weather. When you consider the true meaning of style, you will dress in a way that best suits you no matter the weather or season.

However, many people haven’t grasped this concept and will need to know how to dress warmly but also for the season. During days where seasons and occasions don’t match up with the weather, it’s best to wear those pieces that sometimes you question why it was designed in the first place.

Items such as sleeveless leather tops, short-sleeved sweaters and fingerless gloves are some great examples. Some of you may be wondering why I would consider these items questionable if you don’t live in the midwest but in reality, when would it be warm enough to wear a sleeveless leather top, short-sleeved sweater and fingerless gloves but also cold enough at the same time? Exactly. Only when the seasons are in transition and you have beaming sunlight but cold weather or it’s cold in the morning but hot at the end of the day (or you’re in an environment with similar conditions).

In the fashion industry, spring and fall have 2 seasons. There’s a spring 1 and 2, Fall 1 and 2 or for better terms, pre-spring, spring, pre-fall and fall. I believe this is the specific reason these seasons have 2 separate fashion seasons.

There’s more you can do than simply choose to wear these items. You can be creative in layering pieces such as wearing a thin long-sleeved top underneath the leather top. You can also make sure you’re wearing bright colors where you feel most warm and wearing darker colors for where you get most cold. This is because bright colors deflect light and darker colors absorb the light.

So stay warm- neither cold or hot during the seasons of transition and it will help you from catching a cold while you wait for the weather to adjust itself appropriately.

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