It took me a while to realize this but life is all about relationships and in order to live the life that you truly desire you have know who people are to you. Otherwise you will get lost in focusing on what a relationship isn’t providing you instead of seeing how the relationship is helping you become the person you are meant to be.
I used to cut people out of my life so quickly when they hurt me where I went through a time where I had nearly no friends. I figured I’d rather spend more time by myself than be around fake people. But because I’m slightly more of an extrovert, my quality of life diminished because I didn’t have anyone to hang out with and being around people fuels my energy.

As I began to spend time with people who understood what it meant to be a real friend, I realized I simply needed to find more people I could call friends. This didn’t mean there weren’t times when I questioned my friendships but I knew that they were more of a friend to me than they were my enemy. We will only have few true friends but that doesn’t mean we should limit our lives to just these few people. We can have people we hang out with that we are not close with and that is fine because we are simply hanging out, nothing more.

Your co-workers should rarely be considered as your friends but as your co-workers. Yes, you may spend most of your time with them, you will get to know them personally and you may hang out with them outside of work, but it is naive to consider these people to be your friends unless you’ve truly built a strong relationship. The people you work with can be competition for you as they are looking for that big promotion or opportunity like you are and real friends don’t compete with each other. So if you have the mindset that these people may use whatever I tell them against me if it helps them advance, I shouldn’t take it personally because they aren’t my friends, they are my co-workers.

Romantic relationships are so important to understand because there are so many levels and our emotions can eat us alive. If you are solely focused on finding the man that is going to love you unconditionally and be faithful to you forever, it is best to wait for that man because spending time with the wrong guy is a distraction in pursuit of the right one. Yet, if you don’t know what you want, simply enjoy what you accept but always have a standard and as long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter what other people think of it.

Everything that happens in our lives helps us get one step closer to becoming the person we were always meant to be and our relationships play a big role in that. When someone upsets you or disappoints you, don’t let what has happened distract you from reaching your goal. The person you thought you had a better relationship with may have deceived you with their intentions but at the end of the day, they helped you get to where you are today. So if we can just see the good in every relationship and accept what the relationship is, we will get to where we need to be faster and enjoy the journey a lot more along the way.