People get caught up in Valentine’s Day as the day to either spend time and money with their significant other or to remind them that they are alone. In my opinion, this is us looking at Valentine’s Day all wrong.
We should consider that Valentine’s Day is just another holiday designed as a money scheme to get us to spend more money. For this specific day, we are buying engagement rings, flowers, lingerie, candy and other things because we’ve been taught that this is the day that we must spend money on that special someone.

I believe we should be focused on the love that we have for ourselves and those we have relationships with whether it is romantic or not. Realistically, this day shouldn’t be the only day you show appreciation for these people, it should only be a reminder for you.

Buying gifts is a nice gesture but that shouldn’t be the highlight. The love you have for people comes from within so the best way to express it is to spend time with them on this day and every other day that you make time for. Sometimes we get caught up in everything else in a relationship that we forget that it’s the real love we have for that person that brought us together and will keep us together . “Love’s Diary” is a poetry book that has allowed me to help people to gain a deeper perspective on love in case you are finding it challenging to keep the love you have for people the focus.

Valentine’s Day is just another day so don’t let it make you feel you need to spend money you don’t have or that being single on this day is a bad thing because we are on our own time in life.