When you’ve grown to understand the true meaning of style, you realize that it is far beyond what many people think and know that it leaves clues to yourself about who you are.
With that being said, your natural features are great indicators of your personal style and are a great resource for someone who has not mastered the understanding of their personal style.​. For example, you natural eye color and hair color are good indicators when you know that colors have meaning. In addition, your eyelashes, shape of your eyebrows. beauty marks, etc all symbolize something about who you are and your personal style..

Not only do your natural features indicate something about your personal style, the features of your body that you seek to change in comparison to the ones you are confident about, say something about your style and what’s going on in your life as well.

Knowing your personal style is all about discovery of self, which is what we continue to learn everyday. It can be challenging to discover your personal style when people influence you to be and do what may not necessarily reflect your true self. So one of the best ways to discover yourself is to understand the features of your body and what they indicate about yourself because your natural body isn’t as easily influenced to change like everything else..

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