It can be a scary thing to step out on faith. Many people desire to be entrepreneurs but few become successful in that endeavor. There are many factors that come into play but a big hold back is having a full time job while pursuing your dream. It takes a substantial amount of time away from pursing your dream which results in it taking much longer to live your dream. So how do we know when it’s time to let the day job go and step out on faith?
We choose to believe that ideally the best time to do it is when you have a ton of money saved up to take care of yourself for a substantial amount of time. Although this can work for some people, many people find that they never have enough money saved. So the right time for you may not be the time when it’s ideal but it truly is the best time for you.

I believe you will know exactly when it’s the right time because it will be the time when everything is pushing for you to do it. For me, this is exactly when it happened. I didn’t have the money to sustain me for a long period of time and often didn’t know how I was going to pay all my bills the following month but I found a way.

I would watch and listen to motivating videos on YouTube to keep my spirits high and some of the most impactful videos were from Inky Johnson, a motivational speaker. Someone once told him, “as long as you make sure somebody else’s life is ok, God will make sure your life is ok.” Those powerful words led me to focus on helping others and that as long as I maintained integrity with my clients by choosing to seek their best interest, God will make a way for me financially.

It was best for me to step out on faith at that time because it helped me grow into a better version of myself, which Imay not have become had I had an easier transition in my pursuit of my dreams. So it was the best time for me although it wasn’t the ideal time.

So live your dreams and understand when it has been made very clear to you that it’s time for you to step out on faith, take the step so you can start walking into the better version of yourself and living the life that was destined for you.

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