It’s been a long time coming for women gaining power in the world. Even though there are still major challenges in women proving they are just as capable (if not more capable) as men in performing certain tasks, much progress has been made overtime. 
In earlier times, women were considered as a major source of temptation and evil. Christianity, Greek mythology and Roman law among others, described women in this way. As a christian bible reader, I realized I’ve been taught as a child that women in the bible are sinners. Eve gave into temptation, Mary was a sinner and Mary Magdalene was apromiscuous woman while many men were given much praise and appreciation.

Women in the 1900’s were treated as if they were owned by their men, portrayed as stupid and only good for sex, cleaning and cooking. Although many women are still highly treated as sex symbols in advertisements, there were many degrading ads shown during this time that would not pass through today. There is an ad that was created in the 1950’s that states,”If your husband finds out you’re not “store-testing” for fresher coffee…” where there is a picture of man holding his wife over his lap spanking her as if she’s a child getting punished for bad behavior (not in a sexual way)

Women today nearly have all the opportunities in the world that men do even though it may still be more challenging for them to obtain them. Women don’t have to become housewives when finding the man they choose to marry. They can choose to have a career while also caring for their families. Women today are CEO’s, millionaires, entrepreneurs and even running for president of the US.

We’ve come a long way in this world in gaining our power and if you ever feel like giving up on an opportunity because you think you won’t receive it because you’re a woman, think again. Just look at all the progress we’ve made and you’ll find the motivation to believe the possibility is there.