Technology has made it easier and easier to do things ourselves and the economy has made it a necessity at times. However, we must be careful what DIY projects we take on because it isn’t always wise to DIY because you think it saves you money.
.Whenever you choose to “do-it-yourself,” you are taking time and energy away from something else you could be doing. You may think it saves you money but if you could be spending your time doing something else that gets you money, is money being saved or wasted by doing it yourself?

For example, I am considering using a professional editor for my next book, “Be Mind Full Of Your Health” that will be an investment to the profit I will make in sales of the book. Instead of paying an editor, I could pay a small fee for an editing class and will then have the knowledge to edit the book myself. Neither way is right or wrong but the time spent on taking the class and editing the book myself could’ve been spent on writing another book. In addition, an editor that has more experience than I do will more than likely do a better job at editing the book and will allow me to gain higher profits once the book is published. In this scenario, it is wiser to not do it myself.

A great rule of thumb when determining if you should or shouldn’t DIY is when it’s something that is highly important to you that needs to get done and you don’t have the expertise to do it. You should almost never do something like this yourself.

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to do anything yourself and could spend time traveling the world 24/7 but life is not perfect and many of us don’t have the finances to do so. There are things you will want to do yourself because you enjoy doing them or because it is important to you that you do them but you must realize your time and energy are valuable and you must spend them wisely.

There are a million reasons we can come up with as to why we shouldn’t have to do something ourselves but you have to choose when it makes sense for you to DIY and when it doesn’t.