Besides the fact that you workout and perform activities that require you to dress in a more relaxed manner, having your sloppy dress days are just as important as any other style of dress. The way you dress is a reflection of who you are, how you are feeling at the moment and who you are becoming. 
​So let’s just be real. Being well-dressed can sometimes seem more like work than fun or unnatural especially if you don’t understand the true meaning of style or what it really means to get dressed. So when you simply throw on some clothes or put on sweats, it can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable, which is why most of us change into this style of dress when we get home from work. This is also how we’ve conditioned ourselves to be because we’ve now associated comfort and relaxation with tees and sweats. This is perfectly fine, in fact this is one reason why it is important to have your sloppy dress days. It reminds yourself that it’s time to relax.

Since how we dress reflects how we feel, having your sloppy dress day will give you that time you need to grieve when you are feeling sad. It will also calm you down if you are feeling angry. It is important to understand that at some pointwe need to get back on our feet and push through the pain but for many of us, if we don’t give ourselves time to grieve or relax, it makes our situation worse. So give yourself time to do so and when it’s time to get back to work, get dressed appropriately.

There’s always a time and place for the way you dress and in reality, it is best to be overdressed than underdressed as it relates to your personal style. However, you shouldn’t think you always have to wear heels, suits, makeup, etc. because wearing this style of dress doesn’t always reflect how you feel. If you are feeling down, give yourself time to grieve, if you are feeling angry, allow yourself to calm down and if you just need to relax, do just that. Believe it or not, your sloppy dress with help you to do so. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, angry or sad, put on your sweats and tees or you sloppy style of dress and let me know how your mood changes.