I consider we can often be underdressed but your can never be overdressed. There is usually a shift in your confidence level when you don’t believe you are dressed on a similar level to those around you. When you are what is considered, underdressed, your confidence is lower because you have the perception that you aren’t as good as those around you. However, when your look makes you feel​ you are dressed as someone who is most influential to others, it is a beautiful thing.
Your confidence is what helps you achieve your goals and how you are dressed has a major impact on your confidence. Dressing similar to others doesn’t boost your confidence and neither does it diminish it. It keeps you where you are, which is a relfection of how you are living your life. Are you looking to grow or stay the same?

If you are looking to grow, then being overdressed is something you should consistently strive to accomplish while accepting that it doesn’t exist. Dressing with a higher set of standards is wise. When your look goes above and beyond, inspiration and growth occurs. Some women shy from getting dressed on a high level because they don’t believe they can “pull off the look.” They simply aren’t confident enough to wear certain pieces let alone become the better version of themselves.

When you don’t think you can “pull off the look” when it is tasteful and appealing to you, that’s the main reason you should. When doing so, you begin to see the side of yourself you’ve always wanted to see. Your behavior changes in a way that focuses your mind, body and soul to achieve its innermost desires.

If you dress with a higher standard of purpose, you will amaze yourself to the possibilities and accomplishments that will arise as a result. Most importantly, you become the woman you were always meant to be. So dress up and dress well so you can explore the possibilites God has reserved just for you.