It’s time to celebrate women’s history month in the month of March and it’s important to understand the reason why it’s needed even though women should be celebrated all year long year after year.

Women throughout history have struggled to gain respect and recognition for their inner beauty: intelligence, wisdom, talents and strength and although we have gained progress throughout the years, it is still an issue today. By having women’s history month every year, it reminds the world of the great things women have contributed to the world in hopes that every woman will one day be openly respected and recognized just as any man.

Women have been seen as sex symbols and having a lack of strength mentally and physically and being owned by men. It’s ironic that this is how women are seen when it seems in many ways, women have more strength than men and there are an abundance of highly intelligent women in the world.

When we consider the endurance a woman has to have when losing her virginity, sexual abuse, pregnancy, menstrual cycles and/or illnesses a man would never experience and that often compromise their opportunities to maintain a loving relationship with a man who typically doesn’t maintain the strength to stay faithful given normal circumstances, how can we say a woman is weak?

It’s also shocking to think that women lack intelligence when women have been the mathematicians that successfully helped the first American astronaut make a complete orbit of the earth and that women have invented advancements in technologies the world highly values among other things.

Women need this month of respect and recognition to continue the growth in reprogramming the world’s minds that women serve a purpose far beyond their exterior beauty. It has been a true journey for women gaining any form of power and seeing how far we’ve come is truly a blessing. So let us continue to celebrate women in the month of March so that one day women are always seen for the inner beauty and greatness they possess.

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