Be MIND FULL of Your Health

Patrice Renee

The Inspiration Behind, “Be MIND FULL Of Your Health”

“What does it mean to be MIND FULL of your health?

We all have an understanding of health and being healthy but being MIND FULL, not just mindful of your health means something far beyond what most of us usually consider. Being MIND FULL as it relates to your personal health reaches past simple awareness towards a state in which your mind is 100% aware of everything involving your health.

It means that the moment something falls out of balance in regards to your health, you know exactly what area of your body needs help, what has caused the imbalance and what needs to be done in order to cure the dis-ease.” Patrice Renee (excerpt from introduction)

When you purchase “Be MIND FULL of Your Health,” 10% of the proceeds go to the Endometriosis Foundation of America

Enlighten your mind while curing a dis-ease!

What Readers Are Saying…

“Hey Patrice. Great job on your new book! I really enjoyed it. A lot of what you wrote rang true to my life. And it was also very interesting how you brought the reader through the journey of your life. It was raw and genuine. The poems were lovely too. ​”

Mark Mineo

“I’m in such a dark place right now that I could barely read a few words at a time until I started to relax. It was just so familiar, so true. I couldn’t face it. It’s like you wrote it for me. The most inspirational part of it is about yoga.”

Sharon Williams

Professional Book Reviews

Dr. Kamakshi Mahale
​Dental Surgeon
General Health Blogger

“Who doesn’t want to be healthy and alive? No one, right? Unfortunately some of us are unaware of things that really matter to one’s health and lifespan. With a constant increase in the number of deadly diseases as well as those being affected, it’s high time that we realize that some of the so called incurable diseases can also be cured as well as prevented and there’s a lot of research done to prove this.

This is an awesome book that talks about a holistic approach for being free of diseases. Here Patrice has touched many aspects that matter to your health.

Hats off to her journey from being close to lifelessness to being alive and full of life. This book talks about the fact that the solution to every problem of your’s is within you! Mind is the source of everything, be it health, wellness, illness, stress, success and failure.

We have all heard healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Food determines your moods, likewise your emotions. Take charge, act and create your own destiny. While we don’t have a great control over certain incidents such as an accidental death, there are a lot of diseases wherein you can decide the outcome if you are determined.

Practical examples and a user friendly tone make this book a great deal to pick! This book makes one understand that body is a single unit, one part affects the other. If you eat well, all parts of your body get energized to work well; just like the engine of your car. If you maintain the engine well, car runs well; if your car doesn’t run, no matter how good is your car looking, it’s of no use. Likewise treat your bodies well, it makes you feel good from within.

Corlis Brown-Lloyd
Registered Dietitian Nurtitionist

“As a nutritionist, I often advise people trying to improve their diets to give themselves time to adjust to new flavors and new textures of food. Patrice Renee’s experiences teach the importance of understanding that if you give yourself enough time, you can improve your diet and enjoy the new and nutritious foods.”

Dr. Pauline J. Furman
Executive Director

Center for Individual and
Family Counseling, Inc.

“​Occasionally you will find an author’s work that is heartfelt and sincere. The copulation of Author Patrice Renee’s selection is truly authentic. Everyone will surely be touched by the various poignant pieces that connect with life.

​Recognition of our mind, body and soul as this author surely captures, can ignite one’s desire to be their best self. From romance to finance, employment and health, are genuinely expressed. I highly recommend that you read and enjoy!”

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