Love’s Diary

Lady Stylistique

A Poem From “Love’s Diary”

“When I came up with the idea of Love’s Diary, I decided I wanted to create a poetry book about love as an individual. I wanted to take people out of it and consider love in its purest form.

​I wanted to explain what happens with love while people experience certain things in their relationships. That’s how I came up with the title, Love’s Diary. If love had a diary of her own, this is what it would sound like.”
​(excerpt from Foreward)

When you purchase “Love’s Diary,” 10% of the proceeds go to the American Heart Association

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What Readers Are Saying…

Thanks to Lady Stylistique for this unique view on love. The idea that love could have a diary is a fresh perspective. I found myself reading it over and over again and spending quality time reflecting on my own experiences of love. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to capture their thoughts on the love in their life


I really enjoyed your book. You are wise beyond your years. I hope Hartford uses your book to help the youth maybe during vacation bible school. I past my copy on to a friend to share with her daughter. Hope you are successful with this because it is so profound but some young people are not wise enough to understand true love. Congratulations for a great book. Mary Walker-Harris. I’m going to get a copy for Hamilton and his wife.

Mary Walker-Harris

So glad I bought this book. At first I thought it was only going to be a bunch of mushy love poems, but it’s not. It’s a good balance of cloud 9 love, heartache, hopeful, and a few very interesting perspectives on love poems. There is also space for you to jot down thoughts or feelings after each poem. The space is great for reflecting on how the poem relates to pass experiences and can be super helpful for those getting over break-ups. Stylistique did a great job, its a must-have!


Professional Book Reviews

“… An original and refreshing poetic perspective on love and all the emotions it can lend. Love’s Diary pulls you in at page one and takes you on a riveting journey of self-love, romance and the necessary yet beautiful work required out of everyone who wants to truly know love’s name.

-Cieara Wilson,
Award-winning writer
Author of 40 days of Grace

“Your heart will feast upon the scrumptious words in Love’s Diary. In this electric collection of love poems and stories, Lady Stylistique presents an explosive compilation of portions of Love- the most basic yet mystifying emotion ever. Each stanza in this poetry book is constructed by a delicate fabric of the truth of Love! Lady’s poems are complied with a charming figurative language, reminding us of the gentle yet bold, erotic power of true love…”

-Tammy J

“Love’s Diary is a brave and courageous piece that personifies love, which is commonly neglected in the discussion of relationships. With the journey of each piece of vivid poetry strategically placed, love is brought to life in gleaming brilliance. True appreciation of this daring story takes perception, consideration and openness outside of the conventional understanding. After reading Love’s Diary, one will undoubtedly view love with humbled appreciation.”

– Ashlee Henderson

“…My review of Love’s Diary by Lady Stylistique is it is simply “Refreshing” For something to be Re-Fresh-Ing it has to clear tainted air… it has to continue to clear tainted air! As I read the beautifully written poems and the testimonies that accompanied them, I found myself in a constant state of pleasant discovery and reflection. Lady Stylistique’s testimonies of LOVE are Carefree… Fun…. Mystical… Open…. Personal… Genuine… Honest… and Sobering! “IF… You Come Softly Love Is A Lifetime Of Bliss… Not Even For A Moment You Would Want To Miss!” I’ve always had a thing for “Love Seats” too, so reading this poem made me laugh and the title “The LOVEseat” is powerful statement! It seems to beg a question “How Do You Sit In The Seat Of Love?”…The wisdom, intelligence, consciousness, thoughtfulness and LOVE it takes to ask your audience to share in the experience of expressing their thoughts and feelings of LOVE in this diary is nothing short of being beautiful!”

Saleem Ameer Hakim,
Founder & Chief of The New Earth Tribe Network

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