The Power of Personal Style

Patrice Renee

The Inspiration Behind, “The Power of Personal Style”

Many people associate fashion with style and although it took me many years, I realized that they are two different things and serve different purposes. If you know anything about my company, Lady Stylistique, then you know that I see fashion as a money scheme and believe it hinders you from becoming the best version of yourself.

I believe it’s personal style that not only helps us better connect with ourselves, but it also helps us become the best version of ourselves, which you’ll see by the end of this book.

So what is style? Style is anything people can see, touch, hear, smell or speak as it relates to you that reflects who you are. It’s symbols and clues that allow people to get to know you and for you to know yourself without you saying a word.

When you purchase “The Power of Personal Style,” 10% of the proceeds go to the Global Fund For Women.

Empower yourself while empowering other women!

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Professional Reviews


Amber Renae
“The Style Engineer”
Celebrity Stylist, Style Coach &
Personal Branding Expert

“Patrice Renee did a beautiful job enlightening readers on the power of personal style that true wardrobe stylists seek to accomplish with their clients. Style is a reflection of who we are, who we desire to be and who we are becoming. If people have yet to realize this, they will realize it after reading this book. Moreover, they can apply this knowledge by using their sense of style to grow closer to achieving their life goals.”

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Shelby Tinsley

CEO & Founder of iShallBe

“The Power of Personal Style is a great read. Have you ever felt out of place when you were not wearing the right thing, or just did not feel comfortable in that dress? This book addresses those feelings perfectly! The power of personal style is powerful. It’s so much more than fashion, but truly identifying what represents you. I highly recommend reading you will not be disappointed.”

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