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“Style is smarter than fashion”  -Patrice Renee

My Latest Blogs

What Cleavage Means And Why We Show It

Most women choose to wear something that has cleavage because on some level of consciousness we want to grasp attention. Yet at the same time, we get upset when we attract the wrong kind of attention. So in reality, we show cleavage because we desire attention from a man to feel confident and beautiful and to be pursued.

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Reward Yourself Because You Deserve It, Even When No One Else Will

When it comes to motivation, you have to get a  reward for your hard work in order to keep progressing and if no one is rewarding us, we need to reward ourselves. Although our financial circumstances may keep us from taking action ourselves, it is a must to move forward. Ideally, we want to wait until we can afford something before spending our money on something we want but I’ve learned that if I wait for that to happen, I may never reward myself.

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Dainty Peplum With A Pop Of Sass

Ashley Reed of Reed Between The Lines proves that opposites do attract by showing you a way to dress feminine chic with a splash of sass in this peplum dress paired with open-toed heels.

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